Do It For Me (DIFM)

DIY is great, but I want someone to build my website for me. I don't have the time or talent to build a website myself. I thought that I wanted to build my own website, but I don't.

Final Touches

Select one of our FREE customizable themes and build your website. Then, bring in one of our expert designers to add the final touches.

$250 - $500

Basic Design

Bring in one of our expert designers to build your site for you. We'll ask several questions to understand your goals and preferences and build up to 5 pages for you.

$500 - $2,500

Advanced Design

For websites with more than 5 pages or online stores, we recommend bringing in one of our expert designers to fully design and build out your website.


Let's get started!





BEGO is the world's easiest to use website builder.
With BEGO you can create your website, blog or online store faster and easier than with anything else.
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